REST Call on Admin Resource

Call Type Resource Description
GET api/admin/stack Get stack of the server
GET api/admin/version Get version of the server
GET api/admin/config/:config-type Get configuration information of the server

REST Call on Entity Resource

Call Type Resource Description
POST api/entities/validate/:entity-type Validate the entity
POST api/entities/submit/:entity-type Submit the entity
POST api/entities/update/:entity-type/:entity-name Update the entity
POST api/entities/submitAndSchedule/:entity-type Submit & Schedule the entity
POST api/entities/schedule/:entity-type/:entity-name Schedule the entity
POST api/entities/suspend/:entity-type/:entity-name Suspend the entity
POST api/entities/resume/:entity-type/:entity-name Resume the entity
DELETE api/entities/delete/:entity-type/:entity-name Delete the entity
GET api/entities/status/:entity-type/:entity-name Get the status of the entity
GET api/entities/definition/:entity-type/:entity-name Get the definition of the entity
GET api/entities/list/:entity-type?fields=:fields Get the list of entities
GET api/entities/dependencies/:entity-type/:entity-name Get the dependencies of the entity

REST Call on Feed and Process Instances

Call Type Resource Description
GET api/instance/running/:entity-type/:entity-name List of running instances.
GET api/instance/status/:entity-type/:entity-name] Status of a given instance
POST api/instance/kill/:entity-type/:entity-name] Kill a given instance
POST api/instance/suspend/:entity-type/:entity-name] Suspend a running instance
POST api/instance/resume/:entity-type/:entity-name] Resume a given instance
POST api/instance/rerun/:entity-type/:entity-name] Rerun a given instance
GET api/instance/logs/:entity-type/:entity-name] Get logs of a given instance