Falcon Email Notification

Falcon Email notification allows sending email notifications when scheduled feed/process instances complete. Email notification in feed/process entity can be defined as follows:

<process name="[process name]">
    <notification type="email" to="bob@xyz.com,tom@xyz.com"/>

  • type - specifies about the type of notification. Note: Currently "email" notification type is supported.
  • to - specifies the address to send notifications to; multiple recipients may be provided as a comma-separated list.

Falcon email notification requires some SMTP server configuration to be defined in startup.properties. Following are the values it looks for:

  • falcon.email.smtp.host - The host where the email action may find the SMTP server (localhost by default).
  • falcon.email.smtp.port - The port to connect to for the SMTP server (25 by default).
  • falcon.email.from.address - The from address to be used for mailing all emails (falcon@localhost by default).
  • falcon.email.smtp.auth - Boolean property that specifies if authentication is to be done or not. (false by default).
  • falcon.email.smtp.user - If authentication is enabled, the username to login as (empty by default).
  • falcon.email.smtp.password - If authentication is enabled, the username's password (empty by default).

Also ensure that email notification plugin is enabled in startup.properties to send email notifications:

  • monitoring.plugins - org.apache.falcon.plugin.EmailNotificationPlugin,org.apache.falcon.plugin.DefaultMonitoringPlugin