Project Falcon has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Falcon - Schedule


Common CLI Options

Once submitted, an entity can be scheduled using schedule option. Process and feed can only be scheduled.

Usage: $FALCON_HOME/bin/falcon entity -type [process|feed] -name <<name>> -schedule

Optional Args :

-skipDryRun When this argument is specified, Falcon skips oozie dryrun.

-doAs <username>

-properties <<key1:val1,...,keyN:valN>>. Specifying 'falcon.scheduler:native' as a property will schedule the entity on the the native scheduler of Falcon. Else, it will default to the engine specified in For details on Native scheduler, refer to Falcon Native Scheduler


$FALCON_HOME/bin/falcon entity -type process -name sampleProcess -schedule

$FALCON_HOME/bin/falcon entity -type process -name sampleProcess -schedule -properties falcon.scheduler:native