Project Falcon has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Falcon - GET /api/entities/summary/:entity-type

GET /api/entities/summary/:entity-type


Given an EntityType and cluster, get list of entities along with summary of N recent instances of each entity


  • :entity-type Valid options are feed or process.
  • cluster Show entities that belong to this cluster.
  • start <optional param> Show entity summaries from this date. Date format is yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm'Z'.
    • By default, it is set to (end - 2 days).
  • end <optional param> Show entity summary up to this date. Date format is yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm'Z'.
    • Default is set to now.
  • fields <optional param> Fields of entity that the user wants to view, separated by commas.
    • Valid options are STATUS, TAGS, PIPELINES.
  • filterBy <optional param> Filter results by list of field:value pairs. Example: filterBy=STATUS:RUNNING,PIPELINES:clickLogs
    • Supported filter fields are NAME, STATUS, PIPELINES, CLUSTER.
    • Query will do an AND among filterBy fields.
  • tags <optional param> Return list of entities that have specified tags, separated by a comma. Query will do AND on tag values.
    • Example:,
  • orderBy <optional param> Field by which results should be ordered.
    • Supports ordering by "name".
  • sortOrder <optional param> Valid options are "asc" and "desc"
  • offset <optional param> Show results from the offset, used for pagination. Defaults to 0.
  • numResults <optional param> Number of results to show per request, used for pagination. Only integers > 0 are valid, Default is 10.
  • numInstances <optional param> Number of recent instances to show per entity. Only integers > 0 are valid, Default is 7.
  • doAs <optional query param> allows the current user to impersonate the user passed in doAs when interacting with the Falcon system.


Show entities along with summary of N instances for each entity.


Rest Call

GET http://localhost:15000/api/entities/summary/feed?cluster=primary-cluster&filterBy=STATUS:RUNNING&fields=status&


    "entitySummary": [
            "name"  : "SampleOutput",
            "type"  : "feed",
            "status": "RUNNING",
            "instances": [
                "details": "",
                "endTime": "2013-10-21T14:40:26-07:00",
                "startTime": "2013-10-21T14:39:56-07:00",
                "cluster": "primary-cluster",
                "logFile": "http:\/\/localhost:11000\/oozie?job=0000070-131021115933395-oozie-rgau-W",
                "status": "RUNNING",
                "instance": "2012-04-03T07:00Z"
                "details": "",
                "endTime": "2013-10-21T14:42:27-07:00",
                "startTime": "2013-10-21T14:41:57-07:00",
                "cluster": "primary-cluster",
                "logFile": "http:\/\/localhost:11000\/oozie?job=0000070-131021115933397-oozie-rgau-W",
                "status": "RUNNING",
                "instance": "2012-04-03T08:00Z"
    "requestId": "default\/e15bb378-d09f-4911-9df2-5334a45153d2\n",
    "message": "default\/STATUS\n",
    "status": "SUCCEEDED"