This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Falcon - Building & Installing Falcon

Building & Installing Falcon

Building Falcon

Download sources from

tar -xzvf falcon-0.3-incubating-sources.tar.gz

cd falcon-0.3-incubating-sources

export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m" && mvn clean assembly:assembly -DskipTests -DskipCheck=true

[optionally -Dhadoop.version=<<hadoop.version>> can be appended to build for a specific version of hadoop]
[Falcon has currently not been tested with secure Hadoop / Hadoop 2.0]

Tar can be found in target/falcon-0.3-incubating-bin.tar.gz

Tar is structured as follows


|- bin
   |- falcon
   |- falcon-start
   |- falcon-stop
|- conf
   |- log4j.xml
|- src
|- docs
|- client
   |- lib (client support libs)
|- server
   |- webapp
      |- classes (serer support classes)
      |- lib (server support libs)
   |- falcon.war
|- logs (application log files & temp data files)

PS: By default the falcon is built for embedded mode.

Installing & running Falcon

Installing falcon

tar -xzvf falcon-0.3-incubating-bin.tar.gz
cd falcon-0.3-incubating-bin

Starting Falcon Server


Using Falcon

bin/falcon admin -version
Falcon server build version: {Version:"0.3-incubating-r4380d446a912252a8c173c43a858ab1a38443c47",Mode:"embedded"}


bin/falcon help
(for more details about falcon cli usage)

Stopping Falcon Server


Preparing oozie bundle for use with Falcon

cd <<project home>>
mkdir target/package
src/bin/ <<hadoop-version>>

>> ex. src/bin/ 1.1.2 or src/bin/ 0.20.2-cdh3u5
>> oozie bundle available in target/package/oozie-3.2.0-incubating/distro/target/oozie-3.2.2-distro.tar.gz