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Falcon - RESTful Resources

RESTful Resources


When security is off (Pseudo/Simple), the authenticated user is the username specified in the query parameter. If the parameter is not set, the server may either set the authenticated user to a default web user, if there is any, or return an error response.

When security is on (kerberos), authentication is performed by Kerberos SPNEGO.

Below are examples using the curl command tool.

Authentication when security is off (Pseudo/Simple):

curl -i "http://<HOST>:<PORT>/<PATH>?[<USER>&]<PARAM>=..."

Authentication using Kerberos SPNEGO when security is on:

curl -i --negotiate -u : "http://<HOST>:<PORT>/<PATH>?<PARAM>=..."

See also: Security in Falcon

REST Call on Admin Resource

Call Type Resource Description
GET api/admin/stack Get stack of the server
GET api/admin/version Get version of the server
GET api/admin/config/:config-type Get configuration information of the server

REST Call on Entity Resource

Call Type Resource Description
POST api/entities/validate/:entity-type Validate the entity
POST api/entities/submit/:entity-type Submit the entity
POST api/entities/update/:entity-type/:entity-name Update the entity
POST api/entities/submitAndSchedule/:entity-type Submit & Schedule the entity
POST api/entities/schedule/:entity-type/:entity-name Schedule the entity
POST api/entities/suspend/:entity-type/:entity-name Suspend the entity
POST api/entities/resume/:entity-type/:entity-name Resume the entity
DELETE api/entities/delete/:entity-type/:entity-name Delete the entity
GET api/entities/status/:entity-type/:entity-name Get the status of the entity
GET api/entities/definition/:entity-type/:entity-name Get the definition of the entity
GET api/entities/list/:entity-type Get the list of entities
GET api/entities/summary/:entity-type/:cluster Get instance summary of all entities
GET api/entities/dependencies/:entity-type/:entity-name Get the dependencies of the entity

REST Call on Feed and Process Instances

Call Type Resource Description
GET api/instance/running/:entity-type/:entity-name List of running instances.
GET api/instance/list/:entity-type/:entity-name List of instances
GET api/instance/status/:entity-type/:entity-name Status of a given instance
POST api/instance/kill/:entity-type/:entity-name Kill a given instance
POST api/instance/suspend/:entity-type/:entity-name Suspend a running instance
POST api/instance/resume/:entity-type/:entity-name Resume a given instance
POST api/instance/rerun/:entity-type/:entity-name Rerun a given instance
GET api/instance/logs/:entity-type/:entity-name Get logs of a given instance
GET api/instance/summary/:entity-type/:entity-name Return summary of instances for an entity

REST Call on Metadata Lineage Resource

Call Type Resource Description
GET api/metadata/lineage/serialize dump the graph
GET api/metadata/lineage/vertices/all get all vertices
GET api/metadata/lineage/vertices?key=:key&value=:value get all vertices for a key index
GET api/metadata/lineage/vertices/:id get the vertex with the specified id
GET api/metadata/lineage/vertices/properties/:id?relationships=:true get the properties of the vertex with the specified id
GET api/metadata/lineage/vertices/:id/:direction get the adjacent vertices or edges of the vertex with the specified direction
GET api/metadata/lineage/edges/all get all edges
GET api/metadata/lineage/edges/:id get the edge with the specified id

REST Call on Metadata Discovery Resource

Call Type Resource Description
GET api/metadata/discovery/:dimension-type/list list of dimensions
GET [MetadataRelations][api/metadata/discovery/:dimension-type/:dimension-name/relations]] Return all relations of a dimension