This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Falcon - Data Replication between On-premise Hadoop Clusters and Azure Cloud

Data Replication between On-premise Hadoop Clusters and Azure Cloud


Falcon provides an easy way to replicate data between on-premise Hadoop clusters and Azure cloud. With this feature, users would be able to build a hybrid data pipeline, e.g. processing sensitive data on-premises for privacy and compliance reasons while leverage cloud for elastic scale and online services (e.g. Azure machine learning) with non-sensitive data.

Use Case

1. Copy data from on-premise Hadoop clusters to Azure cloud 2. Copy data from Azure cloud to on-premise Hadoop clusters 3. Copy data within Azure cloud (i.e. from one Azure location to another).


Set Up Azure Blob Credentials

To move data to/from Azure blobs, we need to add Azure blob credentials in HDFS. This can be done by adding the credential property through Ambari HDFS configs, and HDFS needs to be restarted after adding the credential. You can also add the credential property to core-site.xml directly, but make sure you restart HDFS from command line instead of Ambari. Otherwise, Ambari will take the previous HDFS configuration without your Azure blob credentials.


To verify you set up Azure credential properly, you can check if you are able to access Azure blob through HDFS, e.g.


Replication Feed

Falcon replication feed can be used for data replication to/from Azure cloud. You can specify WASB (i.e. Windows Azure Storage Blob) url in source or target locations. See below for an example of data replication from Hadoop cluster to Azure blob. Note that the clusters for the source and the target need to be different. Analogously, if you want to copy data from Azure blob, you can add Azure blob location to the source.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<feed name="AzureReplication" xmlns="uri:falcon:feed:0.1">
        <cluster name="SampleCluster1" type="source">
            <validity start="2010-06-01T00:00Z" end="2010-06-02T00:00Z"/>
            <retention limit="days(90)" action="delete"/>
        <cluster name="SampleCluster2" type="target">
            <validity start="2010-06-01T00:00Z" end="2010-06-02T00:00Z"/>
            <retention limit="days(90)" action="delete"/>
                <location type="data" path="wasb://${YEAR}-${MONTH}"/>
        <location type="data" path="/apps/falcon/demo/data-${YEAR}-${MONTH}" />
    <ACL owner="ambari-qa" group="users" permission="0755"/>
    <schema location="hcat" provider="hcat"/>